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Pets and Presents

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Christmas is not that far off. Really, so how many of you buy your pets a present for Christmas? How about dressing them up?

I have three beautiful fur babies. Yes, I do buy them presents and dress them up on occasion. I mostly dress my 5 lb Parti Yorkie in a Christmas dress, and I buy them all a Christmas stocking to fill with treats and toys. Of course my 9 year old yorkie destroys all her toys in about fifteen minutes and then tries to get her sisters toys to destroy.

Did you know that back in 1957 spending on pets ranked 49th in weekly household expenditures? Today it ranks 39th. Dogs have worn clothes for centuries and now days dogs are a big part of the family, so of course when the family dresses up the dog has to also.

What do you dress your pets in for Christmas? Do you give them presents? Well you are not alone, lots of people do! Please feel free to share your pet pictures dressed in costume of course in the comments and tell me what kind of presents you buy them.

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