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Canines for Christ

I met a lady for an interview last week named Patty J. She was very excited to share her story about Canines for Christ. I hope you enjoy it.

This venture came along back in 2014 when the company she worked for moved their offices to another part of Alabama.

Patty had a big love for Christ and she adopted a little Cavalier dog named Charlie who was blind in one eye. Charlie was what inspired her to join Canines for Christ. She wanted to combine her two passions to help people. Patty did a lot of research on the internet before she found Canines for Christ. But when she did she knew that was the one!

Canines for Christ was founded in 2007 by Chaplain Larry Randolph. His vision was to start a therapy dog ministry using our family pets to be a vessel so we could share the wonderful and saving message of God's Love.

The Ministry has grown to hundreds of teams and volunteers all over the country. That's were Patty and Joe come in. They were the first team in their area.

Patty had received a servants check when her job played out, so she took that check an bought a beautiful Golden Retriever named him Ranger and the training began. She now owns three Goldens the other two named Angel and Faith.

To be a part of Canines for Christ you have to be a Christian, your dog has to be trained, volunteer twice a month, take an AKC and Canines good citizen test. Canines for Christ are recognized by The American Kennel Club, Assisted pet therapy Organization and they are a 5013 C nonprofit. Their motto is a Ministry of Presence.

Patty began her journey in 2014 at a local nursing home and has also visited Veteran homes as well. Patty showed me lots of beautiful pictures of some of the residents visiting with the dogs. They were always smiling. The people's Face just lit up when the dog came into the room! Most of them had pets of their own before. They just wanted to love and pet on them.

Well, Patty has been with Canines for Christ Five years now and she still loves it as much as she did on day one. She loves being able to share her faith in Jesus with so many people.

If you are interested in joining Canines for Christ, you can contact them at All you need is a dog with a good temperament, it does not matter the size, big or small.

Thank you, Mrs, Patty!

Canines for Christ

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